Top Tips To Beat The Xmas Bulge

Top Tips To Beat The Xmas Bulge

Losing the Christmas load isn't easy. Here's how to avoid piling it on in the first place.

Alright FIT fam, the silly season in well and truly here and you know just as well as we do that tis’ the season of expanding waistlines. Truth is, it’s not the one off indulgences that cause weight gain, it’s the gradual yet sustained increase of calories and changes in diet that cause the problem – a candy cane here, a few NYE frothy’s there.. and before you know it your pre-season abs are nothing but a distance memory. Well not this year! Here’s our top tips to keep your body looking bangin’ this Christmas…


Don’t get too keen too soon or drag the celebrations out too long.

You can’t take ALL the fun out of Christmas – indulging here and there is a human right. The issue is we all get a little excited in the lead up and tend to loosen the reins a little too early in the party piece. Give yourself a few designated ‘let your hair down’ days.’ That way you can indulge on special occasions and keep on track with good habits on the days leading up and in between. If you can stick to your normal health and fitness routine amongst the madness you won’t be left high, dry and heavy when February rolls around.


Never attend a party hungry.

How tasty are mince pies, particularly after a glass of wine or two? A common Chrissy mistake is overdoing the chips and dips waiting for the ‘real food’ to arrive. Avoid overeating at festive events by sneaking in a snack before you go. A handful of nuts or a boiled egg make the perfect option since they contain slowly absorbed fats which will help to keep you nice and full till the turkey rolls around.


Keep up the exercise.

Make it a priority to continue your sweat sessions over the festive season – maintain workout commitments and sneak in some additional walks to compensate for all that extra tucker!


Ease up on the pantry loading. 

We’re all guilty of over stocking the cupboards with an abundance of processed rubbish over the Christmas period (chips, choccy and lollies ringing any bells?). Talk about a recipe for disaster! Toss the temptation by purchasing only what you need and opt for healthier alternatives like berries, cherries, dark chocolate, nuts and good quality cheeses.  


Watch the booze.

If you think I’m about to lay down a ‘no alcohol during Christmas’ rule you are sorely mistaken. Enjoy yourself but try your best not to use the silly season as an excuse to overindulge on the alcohol front. Opt for at least 3 alcohol free days each week, drink plenty of water and avoid high calorie mixers like juice and soft drink.


Ditch the all or nothing attitude to dieting.

Rather than completely writing off the festive month with poor food choices and a luck lust attitude to fitness, work on maintaining balance amongst the Christmas cheer. Enjoy good quality, tasty treats in controlled amounts, but balance them out with nutrient dense summer foods like seafood, salads and fresh fruit. Use the holiday period as an excuse to move your body more and you’ll be well and truly on your way to a fitter and healthier new year!  

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